Dees Communications

Telecommunication Solutions

Dees Communications has been providing creative cost effective solutions for your telecom applications for over 20 years. We’re proud of the fact that Dees has shipped over 1.5 million solutions manufactured to ISO 9002 specifications and recognized to be among the most reliable products in the industry today. Many of our products have earned the distinction of “industry standard” for many telecom applications. Dees provides solutions in the following areas; phone call monitoring (for a call center), loud telephone ringers, powerfail transfer systems, Meridian Digital Centrex adapters, recording interfaces, and remote access systems.

Stinger Ringers

The Stinger Ringer cuts through the noise of any environment with a powerful 110 dBA. Its intense signal is transmitted in all directions and reaches every corner of an industrial location or home.

Meridian Digital Centrex

Unique solutions for MDC Applications used by more than 250,000 customers worldwide. Recording interfaces, custom ringers, and serial interfaces are amongst our solutions for Meridian Digital Centrex products.

Powerfail Bypass

Peace of mind protection during power failures with powerfail transfer for ground-start or loop-start trunks. The Models 154 and 154A provide bypass for up to 8 trunks when the site phone system is down.