Meridian Centrex

Take Control of your Centrex Lines

These Meridian Digital CENTREX enhancement products from Dees allow you to control Ringing, Recording, or all aspects of the service.

CRI-376 enables most recording devices to record calls made on your Meridian Business Set (MBS). The CRI is connected to your MBS and your recording device. You can select the lines you want to record, including lines that appear on a multi-button add-on module. The CRI will operate perfectly with recorders that require contact closure, a ground input or voice activation. You can program the CRI to supply an audible alert tone for applications where you need to signify that a call is being recorded.

DSI-375 gives you complete control over your phone’s ringing patterns. The DSI is programmed through the dial pad of your MBS and provides you with ten distinctive ringing choices. You can also program it to allow incoming lines on your MBS to ring normally, even when you are on the phone. The DSI can be programmed to activate a loud Night Bell or illuminate a Set Busy or Message Waiting lamp. If you want to improve the ringing functionality of your MBS, the Meridian Custom Ringer is the solution.

CSI-380 enables a computer application to send and receive MDC call signaling and display information on a Meridian Digital Centrex line. This allows the computer applications programmer full access to all MDC services and features that are available on M5000 Series telephone sets. The CSI-380 may only be used with an M5000 Series telephone set or on a line configured for use with an M5000 Series telephone set.

CTA-369 was the first of our Meridian™ Digital Centrex enhancements. Originally built under license to Northern Telecom, the Centrex Terminal Adapter allows standard analog equipment to be connected to the MBS line. Use with modems, answering machines and secure telephones to eliminate need for adding analog (POTS) lines.

106 Mounting Bracket saves backboard space by mounting the above products on-end. Comes with all required hardware.

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