DMA 100C
Digital Telephone Monitoring Adapter


The DMA-100 allows the Dees’ Call Monitoring systems to be used on most digital telephone systems that have modular-connected handsets.

The caveat in monitoring digital telephones is one of having to change the digitized voice signal back into an analog signal so that it can be monitored. That’s easily done if there is an Digital to Analog (D/A) converter available for that particular digital telephone system, which isn’t always the case. When you’re faced with this situation, you usually have to opt for monitoring the central office lines instead of the stations.

However, with the use of the DMA-100 you can still monitor the stations by making the connection at the handset. When the DMA-100 is used, a dedicated pair of wires from each telephone-set back to the Call Monitoring system is required.


  • Each digital telephone set within the system that is required to be monitored or recorded would be equipped with a DMA-100.
  • From each DMA-100 a connection has to be made to the Dees’ Call Monitoring System, CM-10 or CM-30.
  • The DMA-100 provides a clear transparent connection to the conversation.
  • As with all Dees’ Call Monitoring Systems there are no clicks, pops or degradation in the quality of the conversation being monitored.

Product Description

The DMA-100 is a modular adapter that has a 16 foot pig-tail with an RJ-11 plug on the end, which goes out to the Call Monitoring system. The two jacks on the modular adapter are for connecting to the handset cord of the telephone.