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Where is Dees located?
Head Office: Southern Alberta
Canadian shipping: Closed
U.S. shipping: Closed

Where can I buy a Dees product?
Dees products are no longer being manufactured.

What is the warranty on a Dees product?
All of Dees products are warranted for 1 year from the date of manufacture.

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Power Supplies


How loud are the Model 196 and Model 198 ringers?
They both measure 110dba @ 1 meter (at maximum volume).

What sort of power is required to run the ringers?
The 196 is line-powered, operating from the ringing current on a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) central office line.
The Model 198 requires 24 Vdc and a contact closure.

Can the ringers be used outdoors?
Yes, both ringers are weatherized so they can be used out of doors, but should be protected from direct rain. (Install under some type of over-hang to provide cover.)

Can the volume be adjusted on the ringers?
Yes, the 196 has a three position switch (low, med, high).
The 198 has a continuous adjust volume control (fully off to maximum volume).

What do the ringers sound like?
A dual modulated tone (very piercing).

How can I get more than one central office line to ring a single ringer?
The Model 173W allows three C.O. lines to be coupled together so that if any one rings it will in turn ring the common ringer (196 or 198/PSU).

What is the ringer equivalency number for the 196?
2.7 B


Service Observing, Call Monitoring

How many lines can the CM-30 observe?
30 lines.

What’s the maximum number of lines it can be expanded to accommodate?
90 lines.

Can I have more than one person observing different agents at the same time?
The CM-30 & CM-10 will allow up to 4 observers to be observing at the same time, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE OBSERVING THE SAME AGENT. However, you can connect up to 4 CM-30’s or CM-10’s in parallel and have 4 different observers each observing a different individual.

Can I remotely access the Observing Units?
Yes, using a DeesLink Remote Access Unit.

Do I have to use a dedicated phone for the observer’s telephone set?
No, you can tie the Observer’s pair into a vacant C.O. port on the phone system and restrict access to that port to only the observing party.

How do the CMs connect?
Their inputs tie down in a parallel arrangement over the Tip and Ring leads of the agents you want the ability to observe.


Powerfail Transfer Unit

How many lines will a 154 transfer?
8 central office lines.

Will the 154 work with ground-start lines?
Yes, automatic ground-start is built into the 154.
In fact, the 154 can be used as ground-start converter for loop-start office machines.

What are the power requirements?
The Model 154A-8/PSU includes a -24Vdc plug-in supply.
The Model 154-8 requires -48Vdc, obtained from your PABX or our PS-4800.


Meridian Digital Centrex Products

How do I connect a loud ringer to my Meridian Business Set?
The DSI-375 is a Custom Ringer which allows for connecting an additional loud ringer, i.e. Model 198 to the MDC line.

Can I record from a MDC line?
Yes, the CRI-376 is a recording interface adapter that allows a selected line appearance on your Meridian Business Set to be interfaced to a recorder.


Power Supplies

Which products work with the Model 368 power supply?
154A, DSI-375, CRI-376, CSI-380, DeesLink

Which products require the Model 368CM power supply?
CM-10, CM-30, CTA-369 require an unregulated supply

Which products require the Model 193 power supply?
Model 198 has a screw-terminal block, so the 193 power supply comes with spade-tip ends

Which products require the PS-4800 power supply?
Model 154, if the Northern Telecom -48V supply is no longer available

Note: The 154A, DSI-375, CRI-376, CSI-380, CM-10, CM-30 and the DeesLink all come with a power supply.
The 198/PSU comes standard with a power supply but can be ordered without it as simply 198.