Centrex Custom Ringer

DSI-375 Digital Signaling Indicator

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Customize the ringing of your CENTREX Meridian Business Sets

Connect the DSI-375 to your Meridian Business Set (MBS) and you will have complete control over your phone’s ringing patterns. The DSI is programmed through the dial pad of your MBS and provides you with ten distinctive ringing choices. You can also program it to allow incoming lines on your MBS to ring normally, even when you are on the phone. The DSI can be programmed to activate a loud Night Bell or illuminate a Set Busy or Message Waiting lamp. If you want to improve the ringing functionality of your MBS, the Meridian Custom Ringer is the solution.


Are you in a large or noisy area?
If you cannot always hear the phone in your area, use the programmable internal ringer in the DSI. The volume can be controlled through the dial pad of your MBS and at its loudest, it will exceed the highest volume on your MBS. Or, if this isn’t loud enough, hook up a loud ringer to your MBS using the DSI as an interface. The Model 198 , Stinger 24, has been designed for this application.

Have you ever missed the second call?
The DSI can be programmed to make all incoming phone lines ring on your set. So, when you are on the phone talking and a call comes in on another line, the DSI will ring until you answer, or the calling party hangs up.

Do you answer other co-workers’ lines when they are away?
You can program the DSI to ring any line on your set at any time, whether you are on or off hook. When you are covering for an associate, you can program the DSI to provide normal ringing indicating incoming calls.

Do you wear a headset?
You can program the DSI to ring your MBS on incoming calls when your phone is off hook.

Can you always tell whose phone is ringing?
With the DSI you can program your phone to ring distinctively from the other phones in the office, that way you’ll always recognize your own phone. There are five different tones available with two cadences each, providing a total of ten distinctive ringing choices.

Do you know when you have a message?
The DSI can be programmed to operate its own ringer or a remote indicator, such as a lamp, to let you know you have a message waiting. The DSI can also be programmed to give a distinctive ring for message waiting.

Remember you put that call on hold!
You can select the period of waiting time before the DSI rings again, or operates a remote lamp, to remind you of a call on hold.

Do you know when your boss is on the phone?
If you need to know when your boss, or any other co-worker, is on the phone, hook up the DSI to their phone and a lamp that you can see. Whenever their phone goes off hook, or the speakerphone is activated, the lamp will light up to indicate that their phone is busy.



  • Activates a loud bell for night ringing
  • Changes splash tone to normal ringing for call waiting
  • Offers ringing on any line on or off hook
  • Offers ten distinctive ringing choices
  • Detects a Message Waiting lamp
  • Provides Hold Recall with a selectable time interval
  • Activates a Set Busy lamp
  • Detects a Call-on-Hold indicator
  • Adjustable volume control that will ring louder than the MBS at full volume



Operating Supply Voltage202430VDC
Operating Supply Current  200mA
Note: A 24VDC 250 mA wall transformer is an acceptable power supply and is supplied with the DSI-375
Relay Contacts    
Current  1A (DC)
Voltage  30VDC
Internal Ringer Volume (at 1 meter)0 70dB
Operating Temperature32 122°F
 0 50°C
Humidity (non-condensing)  95 %RH

Dimensions (LxWxH)
5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ (12.7 x 12.7 x 3.8 cm)

Shipping Specifications
10.75″ x 6.375″ x 3.375″ (27.3 x 16.2 x 8.6 cm)
1.40 lbs. (0.635 kg)



Approval Number

DOC CS03 350 4020 W
CSA C22-2 No. 225-M90 Approved
CSA C22-2 No. 225-M90 LR 65726
FCC Part 68 FCNCAN-18360-KX-N
FCC Part 15 Class A Approved
UL 1459-2 D059210801C

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