24V w/Barrel Connector

Model 368 Power Supply

Available from Dees

The Model 368 is a -24 Volt DC regulated supply that can source 500ma. It plugs directly into a wall AC outlet and has a 6 foot cord terminated with a 5.5 mm barrel connector (center-negative 2.5 mm pin).

This supply is included with the Dees 154A/PSU, DeesLink, and most Centrex Products.

Our CTA-369 and Call Monitoring products CM-10/PSU & CM-30/PSU require the model 368CM unregulated power supply.


  • Wall plug-in type regulated power supply
  • 500 mA output
  • Barrel connector for plug-in applications
  • Replacement power supply for: 154A, CRI-376, DSI-375, CSI-380, and 340