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Improve Customer Service while Increasing Security

All of our telephone-call recording solutions capture time-of-day, call duration and phone number with the audio file. Included software simplifies organizing and retrieving calls.

We support a variety of operations with units capable of recording 1 to 32 lines.

Analog recorders can be set to voice-activated mode to record radio equipment, handsets or unconventional analog phone systems, such as Meridian Digital Centrex through a Dees CRI-376. Caller-ID will not be captured in this case.

Desktop‘Desktop’ units make installation easy with standard telephone jacks in and out.

The CT multi-line analog units (2, 4 or 8 lines) can operate stand-alone or networked to allow remote storage and retrieval. ‘Caddy’ option will queue calls, play promotions and take messages in professional offices. Just attach the network cable and plug in the power adapter.

The single-line recorders use a USB connection to a local PC for communication and power. Available for analog, IP, or digital phone systems.

All that’s left to do is install the included software on a PC.


‘Rack-mount’ CTP units are available in 8-line increments up to 32 lines. They come with brackets and are intended to be installed in the equipment room. Each DC-37 cable (included) connects up to 16 pairs to a punch-down block. From here you simply bridge the lines that are to be recorded. Usually these are Central Office lines so incoming Caller-ID can be collected. SMDR is supported so the recorder can associate extension numbers with calls.

Captured calls can be stored on a networked PC or on our Cloud with secure access.
Individual recordings can be saved in standard high-quality formats and shared with colleagues.


UA-1, CA-1 Single-line analog desktop – Stores calls on Host PC or SD Card
XR-344 Single-line digital desktop – for NorTel PBX & Norstar phones only
CT-4 Four-line stand-alone desktop – Stores calls on SD Card or networked PC
2-line and 8-line models also available
CTP-8 Eight-line rack-mount stand-alone – Includes 1TB HD and touch-screen
Also available in 16, 24, or 32 line configurations

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